Awesome Sites

I think it’s important to stay motivated, and because of that, I’ve included links to other blogs which I read regularly. In no particular order, here they are!

I stumbled on Natalie’s website and blog recently, and instantly loved it. She has great advice on topics ranging from personal finance, career, and advice for bloggers. I especially like her article, 10 Dos and Don’ts For growing Your Blog

Kristin’s site is awesome, but her story is even better. She broke free from full-time employement thanks to her consulting and various side hustles, and has shared her journey. As a fellow blogger, I especially appreciate her posts on helping to grow your site traffic and readership.

David Chen has an awesome website that details his story which includes side hustles, single parenting, and $68k in debt. He has an inspirational story, and I love his finance-related articles, and income reports. Great site for side hustlers and those keen on finance (which should be everyone!).

One of my favorite sites. I am an avid listener of Nick’s podcast, The Side Hustle Show. Nick interviews various side hustlers, tells his story of hustling, and instills a ton of wisdom on his listeners/readers. I listen to the Side Hustle Show nearly every day on my hour-long commute to my day job. Also, be sure to check out one of Nick’s many books, which are equally awesome. My favorite is The Side Hustle Path, which is free for the Kindle version.

Attention Bloggers!

If you’d like to be included here, please contact me at mike at! I’m constantly revising this list and am more than happy to recommend great content!