Book Review: Buy Buttons by Nick Loper

My first exposure to Nick Loper was via his book The Side Hustle Path: 10 Proven ways to Make Money Outside Of Your Day Job.  It’s a short book, and, by the way-  it’s free on amazon. I really loved The Side Hustle Path, because it got me motivated, and gave me some ideas which […]

16 Best Resources For Starting Your Etsy Store

If you’ve dismissed Etsy as a potential business opportunity – you’re missing out. Etsy is not limited to people earning a few extra bucks selling handmade jewelry. Case in point? Three words. Three. Birds. Nest. If you’re familiar with Three Bird’s Nest, you’re probably wondering why I’m mentioning the business that abandoned Etsy in favor […]

12 Ways Stay At Home Moms Can Earn Money On The Side

Being a stay at home mom isn’t easy. You’ve got to deal with bumps, bruises, and more bodily fluids than your counterparts without kids will ever truly understand. If you’re a stay at home mom, you’ve undoubtedly felt at one point or another, like you weren’t contributing financially to your household. Let me, as a […]

Stupid Awesome Blog Growth Checklist

Starting a blog is really easy. Growing it, takes hard work. Many new bloggers vastly underestimate the amount of hard work that is required to create a successful blog. While SideHustleDad is relatively new, it’s not my first blog. My first blog regularly had healthy traffic numbers, but it took me 2+ years of work […]

How To Fly from Boston to Rome for Under $20

It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with great deals on travel. Unfortunately, great deals take a lot of digging, and usually don’t last long. Even more unfortunate, is that cheap international flights can be tough to find. By far the most often overlooked method of cheap travel is using travel credit cards. I’ve used them to […]

Visiting Paris? You need these tips.

If you have traveled before, you know that it can be stressful. I love traveling. Getting to see new places, experience new cultures, try new foods – what’s not to love? But there certainly is a small bit of stress due to the unknowns. I want to know the details that will make my vacation […]

Pinterest for Men: A Practical Guide

If you’re a guy, don’t feel bad if you haven’t spent much time on Pinterest. You probably think of it as a place for women to spend time looking at recipes, DIY projects, and anything pink. Although that is an entirely true depiction of Pinterest, there’s more than meets the eye. It’s a massive traffic […]

How to Build Your First iOS App in 30 Days

I’ve written about iOS development as a side hustle before, but I thought I’d give more of a blueprint to you guys in this post. In my Side Hustle Spotlight on iOS development, I got a little technical, and although some readers liked it, I realize some probably wanted a more generic guide of where […]

How to Think of a Business Idea That Doesn’t Suck

There’s scores and scores of great information out there for new entrepreneurs. Need help branding? There’s an article for that. Need help with building your website? There’s also an article for that. Need help deciding between an LLC and an S-Corp? Well…you get the idea. Despite the wealth of information out there, one area which […]