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Stupid Awesome Blog Growth Checklist

Starting a blog is really easy. Growing it, takes hard work. Many new bloggers vastly underestimate the amount of hard work that is required to create a successful blog. While SideHustleDad is relatively new, it’s not my first blog. My first blog regularly had healthy traffic numbers, but it took me 2+ years of work […]

Pinterest for Men: A Practical Guide

If you’re a guy, don’t feel bad if you haven’t spent much time on Pinterest. You probably think of it as a place for women to spend time looking at recipes, DIY projects, and anything pink. Although that is an entirely true depiction of Pinterest, there’s more than meets the eye. It’s a massive traffic […]

5 Habits of Millionaires

Millionaires are a different breed. They operate on a different level than the rest of us. For as long as I can remember, I’ve studied millionaires looking for a nugget of wisdom. What I’ve realized is one very simple truth: they’re the same as us, they just do more than the rest of us. That’s […]

4 Awesome Lessons from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs left behind a legacy of not only great products, but also ideas that continue to be shared (and likely will far into the future), inspiring and motivating entrepreneurs along the way. While¬†Jobs’ was undoubtedly a difficult person to work with, there’s some potentially life changing lessons to be learned from him. I believe […]

Side Hustling as a Parent

A quick trip to Twitter will reveal thousands of bloggers who are making tons of money, and spending hours each day on their site(s). Many of them are even fortunate enough to be blogging full-time. I thoroughly respect these individuals, as I aspire to do the same – but the reality is, their struggle isn’t […]

Managing Social Media Accounts Made Easy

Since opened, I’ve spent a lot of time managing social media. Social media offers a massive opportunity to drive traffic to my site, which allows me to connect with more people – which is pretty much the goal of this entire site. But managing social media can be really, really time consuming. As a […]

An IT Guy’s Take: HostGator vs. Bluehost

I was really, really hesitant to create this post. How come?¬†Because it’s very rare where something I can claim to be an expert in, and something on this blog align very well together. But while I’m new to some things such as affiliate marketing, advertising, etc – I am NOT new to technology. I’ve been […]