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Book Review: Buy Buttons by Nick Loper

My first exposure to Nick Loper was via his book The Side Hustle Path: 10 Proven ways to Make Money Outside Of Your Day Job.  It’s a short book, and, by the way-  it’s free on amazon. I really loved The Side Hustle Path, because it got me motivated, and gave me some ideas which […]

How to create an awesome ebook website in 1 hour (Part One)

I’m really new to the ebook world. Embarrassingly new. I don’t even know what I don’t know yet! That being said, one of the things I am familiar with is web development and some design. I am by no means a “good” web designer, but I know enough to make things work. I’ve also worked […]

5 Things I learned while launching my ebook on Amazon KDP

I published my first ebook via Amazon KDP just after Christmas. It is a non-fiction business book, and I thought a release around New Years would do well with lots of people looking to improve themselves. I wrote it under a pen name, which is something I debated about pretty heavily. Although there is nothing wrong […]